Auto Coverage

Three most important areas of coverage for your Auto

This coverage is required by state law.  If you drive a vehicle on public roads, you must have this insurance coverage in place to help protect other drivers for at fault accidents

Bodily Injury and property damage to others - covering others.

This coverage is usually required if a vehicle, trailer, boat or motorcycle is financed.  Comprehensive and Collision overages can repair or help replace your vehicle in the event of an accident.

Comprehensive and Collision, covering your car.

The most important part of coverage to protect the insured from situation caused by others.  This coverage helps when others are not maintaining enough coverage to cover you and your passengers.

Uninsured and under insured, keeping your passengers covered.

We can help keep the under-coverage ninja out!

Cecil Allen Insurance Agency

Do you have enough coverage.  Do you know what will happen when faced with a loss?  The under-coverage ninja will strike on the gaps in your insurance.  Do you know how to stop him?  We do!